Permagrove is focused on rooted and lasting impact.  We exist to provide a range of business crucial services such as energy consulting, market analysis, and data science to their clients.  Permagrove takes seemingly disparate competencies and blends them together as a diverse set of offerings to help our clients navigate the business needs of today.  

Like the trees in a grove, businesses can remain anchored through roots and relationships with others for nutrients.  Permagrove seeks to strengthen each business they consult with by making them more resilient and aware of the thriving ecosystem around them.  

Unlike many voices in the sustainability industry, we do not want to celebrate reductions to zero.  We want to excel at reducing wasteful business spend but with a vision beyond zero carbon and zero energy and toward tangible environmental, societal, and economic benefits for our clients, their clients, and the communities they are located in.  This vision is achieved with specific actions today for immediate and long-term impact.  We are building a grove that will exist for years to come.